What is your definition of a perfect sex partner

sherrieI know that the title of this blog post is probably going to confuse you. Anytime somebody talks to you about the best product or the best service or the perfect product or service, it’s understandable for you to be a bit sceptical. I know I would be. Why? I understand these things tend to be subjective. Whenever somebody mentions the word the best or perfect or the ultimate, it’s easy for my eyes to do a rollover. It really is. Why? What may be the best for you might be flat out horrible and disgusting to me and the reverse might be true. Like I really feel the best adult dating site is https://www.sexmatch.net Do you see how all this works out?

There’s a lot of subjectivity in this world because we’re all different. We look at the world from different sets of eyes. We come to the world bringing along different experiences. That’s what makes the world exciting. It’s filled with different people who have different ideas. I get all that, but when it comes to finding sex partners, there are certain things we can all agree on. For one thing, if you’re looking for physical action in your local area you need somebody who can keep their mouth shut. You have to remember that getting action on a physical level takes place in three crucial time points. You have to pay attention to what goes on before, during and after you have sex with your local sex partner. Otherwise, it’s too easy to play the game in such a way that it blows up in your face.

I don’t care how much education you have. I don’t care how much money you have or whatever your case may be. There is a high likelihood that you have some sort of social standing. That is exactly the kind of asset that you are putting on the line if you are very indiscriminate regarding who you take on as your physical partner. This is especially true if you are married. This is why if there is any one criterion for what would make a person a great sex partner, it is this: discretion. That’s right. That person must be able to keep their mouth shut and stay quiet. You have to filter people extensively using this filter, otherwise, you might be in for a nasty shock.

How to Develop a Friend for Sex


Did you know that almost all your female friends, whether they’re married, engaged, committed or not can be developed for sex? Unfortunately, just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. You have to remember that if you are going to develop a friend for sex, you might have a lot of drama on your hands. That friend might be cool with it but her boyfriend, her husband, or even her female best friend might have a serious problem with what you’re doing. You have to pick the right friend if you’re going to do this.

The best situation would be to pick an absolutely single friend who is very focused on her career, education, or business. This person doesn’t really have the time for a deep emotional relationship. She doesn’t want all the drama of an emotional commitment. However, she wants a hard cock up her pussy. Fair enough. You want to stick your dick in some tight, wet hole as well so it’s a tight fit. As long as both of you have the same expectations and the same exit strategy, then you should be fine. The important thing here is to have sex with your friend and remain friends after you stop having sex.

This is not as easy as it may seem. You have to understand that the moment you become physically intimate with a female, it’s not uncommon for females to become emotionally attached to you. A lot of girls think that only women have this problem. In fact, guys have this problem worse than women. Guys like to pretend that they’re all tough, macho, and everything but the moment, they stick their dick into a hole, chances are they develop feelings. They become territorial, possessive, and all sorts of unnecessary drama arise. You have to both agree on the rules and to be mature about it. That’s how it works.

You have to be real, and you have to play it right. To develop a friend for sex, you have to find the right person and also raise it as a joke. You can’t be all serious and scary about it. You don’t want to creep her out.