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ursulaFree local sex is like a unicorn. It really is. A lot of guys think about it, they fantasize about it, they have all sorts of wild, raw adventures in their minds about it, but few guys are able to find it. Again, just like the unicorn.

Well, there’s really no big mystery here because the big revelation is that guys really are chicken shit. You see, guys talk a big game. It’s not uncommon for guys to huddle around a campfire or at a bar with some beers or around a restaurant table and basically talk shit about pussy and getting some.

Anybody can spin yarns and talk about how many women he fucked and shit like that, but the problem is, if you peel away the bullshit, there’s very little there because most men are little boys deep down inside. They’re scared shitless. They’re chickenshit.

And that’s why the hunt for free local sex is very much like the hunt for the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or a unicorn. In other words, it’s just not going to happen.

So what is the right mindset? It’s very simple. Believe you can do it.

Now, you might be thinking this is too simplistic. I mean, how many times have you heard the saying: to believe is to achieve? You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and probably giving me the finger, but hear me out.

When you believe something, it is not just a question of you repeating a statement to yourself over and over again in the vain attempt to fucking hypnotize yourself at some level or another. It’s not that. It’s all about reframing your mind so you enter a different emotional state.

When you’re in a different emotional state, you start behaving differently. You start talking differently. You start seeing things that are different as far as your potential prospects are. Even if it’s a small difference, the small difference can add up to quite a bit.

So do yourself a big favor and start believing that you can get free local sex and you are intelligent enough to figure it out. Once you’re able to put those two factors together, your pussy potential explodes exponentially. At the very least, you position yourself to be able to be a better pussy magnet than the next guy.

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