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Want to know the real feeling of using sex dolls? Take a look at the real reviews of sex dolls buyers. Here are the reviews of TPE sex dolls buyers in the price range of 900-2000usd from online TPE sex doll store. To protect the privacy of our customers, we have anonymized the names.

Buyer A
It varies from person to person, overall, it’s worth it, some kind of balance is reached, the desire for sex is full satisfied, sometimes quite looking forward to it, especially just entering the house, not alone in the future, haha.

Buyer B
Feel the doll’s standing function is not much use, need a little time to adapt! The material is very good, realistic expression! Still satisfied, I think 999 USD worth every penny.

Buyer C
Full body size TPE sex dolls are really much better than inflatable dolls. Both the texture and appearance are very close to real people. The doll is as beautiful as the picture. The feeling of touch is not much different from the real person, the body and face are very satisfied. The experience is very good.

Buyer D
I was a little apprehensive before I got it, but I was completely relieved when I unpacked it. The real thing is exactly the same as the picture, very delicate, and the same as the real person, the skin elasticity is also very good, this is a good price.

Buyer E
Regardless of the body and look are very detailed, feel very good, because it is with a skeleton and flexible joints, so many poses can easily do, this is the benefit of TPE sex doll, and real people almost, have weight and also mold, very good experience, worth it!

Buyer F
Gathered enough courage, and finally made up mind to get one lifelike adult TPE sex doll, the result was quite satisfied, the face is the same as in the video, there is no difference, shipping logistics is quite fast, the doll makeup is quite exquisite, freshened up a bit, and prepared in advance cosplay clothes! Perfect!

Summary: The above is a random selection of purchase reviews, you can see TPE sex doll most purchasers are more satisfied.

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