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I don’t know if photography is a thing many people grow into as opposed to those that just happen to have a talent and passion for it very early on and know then already that it’s something they would like to pursue as a hobby or even a career.

Perhaps it’s like many things, an exposure thing, apologies for the pun, it’s not intended, it would be so lame. What I mean is, I grew up very poor and I never took a photo of anything ever before I had my first cellphone as an adult and even then I didn’t think anything of it.

It’s only recently that part of my job suddenly included some very basic photo editing that I found that I enjoyed trying to frame the perfect photo even though it was other people’s work.

So I don;t have a camera yet but I know now that i would actually like to give it a try, you know, frame that perfect pic, or at least ones that make me feel good about them.

I wonder if photographers that specialise in nudes, like the work showcased at this site feel that way about their work.

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